Dr. Robbins has been supplying quality eye care to North Georgia residents for nearly thirty years. Dr. Robbins and his team utilize the newest technologies to come up with individualized patient care plans. They offer a variety of different services, and are ready to meet your needs.

Comprehensive Eye Exams

Dr. Robbins and his team are equipped to offer comprehensive eye exams, thoroughly checking the health of every part of the eye.


We're ready to fit your with comfortable contacts to meet your needs.  We'll carefully examine your eyes to get the best fitting lens possible. 

Custom Lens Shop

In our state of the art lens finishing lab, our staff can fit lenses into almost any frames in less than an hour. 

Designer Frames

In addition to selling eye and sunglasses to fit every budget, our office also sells a wide variety of designer frames, including Costa, Silhouette, and Ray-Ban.  Come by and check out our selection of fashionable frames.